Chiefs Free Agency 2023: Orlando Brown Jr. joins the rival Bengals

Former Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. finally got his long-term contract – and eventually ended up with what now appears to be Kansas City’s biggest rival: the Cincinnati Bengals.

NFL Networks Tom Pelissero the details provided:

The 26-year-old Brown joined the Chiefs at the end of April 2021 via a trade from the Baltimore Ravens. Brown arrived with an extreme desire to tackle on the left – which worked for Kansas City as it needed one after the departure of the injured Eric Fisher. Brown completed the final year of his Chiefs contract and agreed to partner with the Chiefs on a long-term deal in the offseason.

Kansas City tagged Brown the following off-season, but negotiations were delayed as the offensive tackle lacked an agent. Once he did – in early June – talks began between the two sides. In the end, they could not come to an agreement. Brown played on the franchise title for the season.

Kansas City’s last offer to Brown before 2022 was a six-year $139 million dollar contract, an average of $23.16 million a year or – as our John Dixon described here – $19 million per season over five years. Clearly, the Chiefs chose not to double down on another tag this off-season.

The $19 million annual figure is more than the Bengals offered and he accepted. However, if NFL Networks Ian Rapoport describes the Cincinnati contract looks more like a lucrative three-year deal — after which he could presumably work out a new contract.

At this point — after the Chiefs pinpoint the player most likely to be their next left tackle in former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Jawaan Taylor — it’s fair to say that Brown and his team (even with a $31 million signing bonus ) may have misjudged its value in the open market – and its demand.

Looks like there are some sour grapes here – especially given this note from NFL Networks Mike Garafolo, saying that part of Brown’s appeal to Cincinnati was playing Kansas City in the playoffs:

“I’m super grateful for the chance to carry on my dad’s legacy and be a left tackle,” Brown said in a statement. later, Garafolo tweeted. “It was important to play that position and play for a winning team and a winning quarterback. Who Dey!”

As the Kansas City dynasty begins, the rivalry with the Bengals only grew more bitter.

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