Dad whose kids crashed BBC interview shares new family photo six years later


March 15, 2023 | 6:38 pm

They are all grown up!

The academic whose two toddlers hilariously crashed his live BBC interview celebrated the six-year anniversary of the viral moment with a new batch of family photos.

Professor Robert Kelly rose to fame in March 2017 when he tried to juggle commentary on South Korean politics and fatherhood when his rambunctious son and daughter burst into his home office.

Kelly, a political science professor at South Korea’s Pusan ​​National University, comically continued the interview, ignoring the chaos, as his wife, Jung-a Kim, rushed in to take the kids away.

Six years later, Kelly, known as the ‘BBC dad’, thanked the internet for the many pranks the incident had sparked since then, and shared new photos of his daughter, Marion, 10, and son James, 6.

He tweeted: “Some BBC Dad content since the 6th anniversary of the original video was last Friday. Marion had a singing performance last weekend, so we have some fun family photos.

“Thanks again to everyone who follows me for the video.

“My family and I [are] flattered by your kindness.

Professor Robert Kelly’s live commentary on the BBC was interrupted by his children in March 2017.
The father’s son and daughter burst into his home office, but his wife eventually rescued him from the chaos.

Marion, who opened the door and stomped through her father’s office in the viral video, was pictured wearing a sparkly pink dress, and James, who waddled after his sister in a baby walker, was now dressed smartly in a white shirt and a black sweater vest.

Many took to social media to thank Kelly for remembering the viral moment, featuring Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York, writing: “I really think this is the best thing the internet has ever produced.”

Another Twitter user added: “You have a beautiful family. And you’ve prepared us all for the post-pandemic world of Zoom. Pioneer.”

The father decided to share updated photos of the family after his daughter, Marion, performed a singing performance.
Robert E. Kelly/Twitter
Kelly pictured with his wife, Jung-a Kim, and kids years after the viral moment.
Robert E. Kelly/Twitter

After the 2017 incident, the family became famous on the internet, with Marion and James even becoming the subject of a cartoon show.

The American company Hans House launched the online animated series Mina and Jack, with brother and sister protagonists who share many similarities with Marion and James.

Though the show takes its liberties and changes the job of the children’s father from professor to UN official, the mother character is a yoga teacher, just like in real life.

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