Report: Some Broncos coaches had issues with Russell Wilson’s office in the team facility

When the Broncos traded Russell Wilson last year, one of the things they rolled out the red carpet for him was by giving him his own office in the team facility, on the second floor where the Broncos’ coaches and executives have their offices. Some coaches struggled with that.

According to’s lengthy article about Wilson’s first season in Denver, members of the coaching staff felt that it was bad for the camaraderie in the locker room for Wilson to separate himself from teammates in that way. One coach said that Wilson told his teammates that the door to his office was always open to them, but that coach wondered why a player had an office with a door in the first place.

“So, are you a coach or are you a player?” asked the trainer. “Your open door should be you sitting by your locker.”

Another coach said the second-floor office separated Wilson from the players.

“The players were always on the first floor; they never actually got to the second floor,” the coach said. “If you came to the second floor as a player, it honestly wasn’t a good thing because you probably got released.”

It’s worth noting that both coaches who complained about Wilson’s office did so anonymously, while the same article quotes two well-known players – Kendall Hinton and Melvin Gordon – saying they have no problem with Wilson having his own office. So this was certainly not a unanimous concern within the Broncos facility. But it was a problem for some in a very disappointing first season for Wilson in Denver.

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