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SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen season 9, episode 5 of “The Masked Singer,” which aired March 15 on Fox, read no further.

During Wednesday’s edition of “The Masked Singer,” two more celebrities were exposed: actor/comedian Malin Akerman and social media star Lele Pons were revealed to be Squirrel and Jackalope, respectively.

For Squirrel, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg got it right by mentioning Malin Akerman. Robin Thicke recommended Heather Graham. Ken Jeong thought it was Katherine Heigl. Nicole Scherzinger chose Kate Hudson. Guest panelist Jennifer Nettles said Anne Hathaway.

As for Jackalope, Scherzinger quickly found out it was Lele Pons, and Thicke agreed. McCarthy Wahlberg said Jenna Ortega. Jeong went with Selena Gomez. Nettles picked Camilla Cabello.

It was “Sesame Street” night, and the episode opened with Elmo singing “What’s The Name of that Song” (or, in this case, “Show”) before handing it over to Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, the Count, and other characters singing “Dynamite” by BTS. Yes, this show continues to be so weird! (I mean, the chryon’s host, Nick Cannon, identified him as “Father of many Sesame Street fans.”

Damar Hamlin and host Nick Cannon, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker/Fox)
Peter Dads

This was also the episode, previously teased via news reports, that Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin came by the set. Hamlin took the gig just weeks after collapsing on the field during a January 2 game. In the episode, he is introduced by his little brother Damir.

“My brother, that’s my world,” said Hamlin as to why he appeared. “I put family first. And he likes “Sesame Street” more than most other things. So we had to make it tonight.

Also present as a guest panelist was singer Jennifer Nettles, host of Fox’s “Farmer Wants a Wife,” which airs right after “The Masked Singer.”

Like last season, “The Masked Singer” has once again adopted a “Champion of Masked Singer” format. Each episode will feature three costumed celebrities, but only one will win and compete again the following week. After each round, three finalists will compete in the semi-finals.

That means one contestant will be unmasked midway through the episode, with the top two singers facing each other in a “battle royale.” After Akerman was exposed first as Squirrel, Jackalope and Fairy faced off against Imagine Dragons’ ‘On Top of the World’. Jackalope received fewer votes and was exposed as Pons. The Fairy continues with next week’s episode.

New this season is ‘Ding Dong Keep It On’. In the new spin on the competition, panelists are given a chance to save a singer from imminent elimination, but the bell can only be rung three times during the first three rounds. Those three singers will then face off in a special episode in a battle to rejoin the competition. Wednesday there was no call.

‘The Masked Singer’ Enters Season 9 With 21 Contestants Including ‘Mustang’, ‘Axolotl’, ‘California Roll’, ‘Dandelion’, ‘Moose’, ‘Gargoyle’, ‘Jackalope’, ‘Doll’, ‘Polar Bear ‘, ‘Night Owl’, ‘Rock Lobster’, ‘Gnome’ and more to be announced. Tim Chappel is this season’s costume designer.

Lele Pons as Jackalope and Malin Akerman as Squirrel join Michael Bolton as the Wolf, Grandmaster Flash as Polar Bear, Debbie Gibson as Night Owl, Howie Mandel as Rock Lobster, Sara Evans as Mustang and Dick Van Dyke as Gnome as the celebrities who have been exposed this season.

Season 9’s contestants “combine 28 Emmy nominations, six Grammy wins, 10 gold albums, four Golden Globe nominations, five medals, 26 books, two Tony Award nominations, five Lifetime Achievement Awards, four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a total of 95,231,000 records sold.” Season Nine introduces all-new themed episodes, including “ABBA,” “New York,” “DC Superheroes,” “Sesame Street,” “80s Night,” “Movie Night,” and more.

These were the contestants and their performances on night five:

Fee, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker/Fox)
Peter Dads

The Fairy (WINNER)

Song: “You’re no good”, by Linda Ronstadt

Panel guesses: Tracee Ellis Ross, Angelina Jolie, Rashida Jones

Clue: Cookie Monster holds up a paper plate that reads “Endless Love”

Voice over package: “Making my debut on ‘Sesame Street’ night makes me feel right at home. Because I grew up on these streets. Some might say I’m a bit of a fake fairy, I mean while other kids had pocket money, I made my pocket money by asking the neighborhood kids to come over and watch my dad hang out at home. I certainly could have taken a more direct route to fame like some of the friends I grew up with. But I chose a more divergent path, prioritizing my education and traveling the world. Ultimately, my fate led me back to the Tinseltown spotlight. I guess office work just wasn’t for me. I have to pursue two of my loves: singing and acting. Now it’s time for me to sing a song from my favorite ‘Sesame Street’ resident. Because why he might be grumpy, he’s an old friend.

Jackalope, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker/Fox)
Peter Dads

Jackalope (LELE PONS)

Song: “Anytime, Anywhere”, by Shakira

Clue: The count holds up a sign that reads “30 Under 30.” “Donald Glover, Emma Stone and Michael B. Jordan. It is an honor to be on the same list.”

Panel guesses: Lele Pons, Jenna Ortega, Camilla Cabello

Voice over package: “I’m so excited to get in the ring on ‘Sesame Street’ night because I also love entertaining audiences of all ages. While I’m known to have a lot of influence, you’d be surprised I wasn’t very social. Talking as a child was not my thing. So growing up I pioneered other ways to express myself through music and dance. Soon people all over the world started connecting with me and what I do because this Jackalope doesn’t lie. Posting about your problems in front of millions of strangers may seem crazy, but being vulnerable gives me strength. I created a modern family of outcasts and together we defined an industry. My kind of fame has a large number of trolls. But I’ve learned to have a thick skin in my arena. So, my competition better watch out, because this rabbit’s moves shine brightest on Wednesday.

Squirrel, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker/Fox)
Peter Dads


Song: “Just the Two of Us”, by Grover Washington Jr., feat. Bill Withers

Panel guesses: Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson, Malin Akerman, Anne Hathaway

Indication: Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin pulls out a football with Jeong’s face on it. Squirrel said, “Ken, this isn’t the first time we’ve worked together. But it’s the first time you’ve had more lines.”

Voice over package: “My coming out as the squirrel last week was crazy. I had some tough competition, but I knew that if I got into the battle royale I could tap into my inner rock star and really show what I’m made of. Now that I’m in the championship seat, I feel a new fire. I’m working hard to make sure no one takes this title away from me, especially on Sesame Street night. I dedicate my performance to the Count because my kid is his number one fan. That man has some style. Just like this new clue. [A wedding gown]. Say yes to the gamble.

Previous song: “Try,” by Pink

Last panel guesses: Naomi Watts, Katie Holmes, Renee Zellweger, Margot Robbie, Uma Thurman

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