This is how much a six-figure income is worth in California

Earning a six-figure income has long been a sign of success and financial comfort for American workers. Still, with high inflation and cost of living, the annual income may not be enough to support a life in California.

A new study from Smart Asset analyzed after-tax income for $100,000 in 76 of the largest U.S. cities and adjusted those numbers to reflect the cost of living in each city. California cities scored low for the places where $100,000 had the most purchasing power.

Cities in California where six-figure incomes had low purchasing power:

City Take Home Pay adjusted for inflation and cost of living
Bakkersveld $63,539
Sacramento $57,669
Stockton $55,962
Oakland $46,198
San Diego $46,167
The Angels $44,623
Long beach $44,623
San Francisco $36,445

Researchers used the Smart Asset salary calculator to determine after-tax income for multiple cities. They used data from the Council for Community and Economic Research to determine the cost of living for the US included in the study.

While $100,000 may not have much purchasing power in California, six-figure income goes a long way in other states, mainly because of lower taxes and living costs than the Golden State.

This is where $100,000 has the most buying power:

City Take Home Pay adjusted for inflation and cost of living
Memphis, Tenn Between $74,515 and $86,444
El Paso, Texas Between $74,515 and $84,966
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Between $70,302 and $84,498
Corpus Christi, Texas $83,443
Lubbock, Texas Between $74,515 and $83,350
Houston, Texas Between $74,515 and $81,350
San Antonio, Texas Between $74,515 and $80,124
Fort Worth, Texas Between $74,515 and $80,124
Arlington, Texas Between $74,515 and $80,124
St Louis, Missouri Between $69,531 and $79,921

While Texas cities dominated the list of the places with the most spending power for $100,000, Memphis, Tennessee takes the top spot.

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